Say Grace

A skeptical father confronts a malevolent spirit when his surviving twin, with Down syndrome, claims a connection, unravelling a dark family history and exploring the redemptive power of love.

In the town of Ravenswood, tragedy strikes the Hargrave family when one of their young twin daughters, Grace, succumbs to an unexplainable fate. Devastated by grief, Robert Hargrave, a steadfast skeptic, clings to reason in the face of the inexplicable. His surviving daughter, Sarah, becomes a beacon for the supernatural, claiming to communicate with Emily’s lingering spirit.As Lily’s encounters with Emily become increasingly vivid, a malevolent force takes root, expressing an anger that transcends the boundaries between the living and the dead. With the skepticism he’s built his career upon, Robert initially dismisses Lily’s claims, attributing them to the imagination of a grieving child. However, as chilling events unfold, he is forced to confront the unsettling reality that something otherworldly has invaded their lives.

Enter Madeline Blackthorn, a seasoned paranormal investigator with her own share of spectral encounters. Drawn to the Hargrave case, Madeline unveils a family history entwined with secrets and sins that refuse to stay buried. The town’s dark past resurfaces as she and Robert navigate a twisted maze of hauntings, possession, and the malevolent entity that preys on the vulnerable.

Throughout the harrowing journey, Lily’s innocence and unwavering belief in love become the catalyst for a powerful transformation. With the love of her family, Lily manages to communicate with Emily’s spirit on a profound level, unlocking a redemptive force within the malevolent entity. As the family confronts the past and heals old wounds, the vengeful spirit finds peace, allowing Emily to move on and the Hargraves to rebuild their lives.

The film explores the enduring power of love, the strength found in the face of adversity, and the redemption that can emerge from even the darkest corners of the supernatural. Audiences are taken on a journey where the echoes of innocence are transformed into the echoes of redemption, leaving them with a sense of closure and the belief that love conquers all.