A son’s promise to a dying father results in a journey never imagined.

Successful London city trader Richard Parker had all that money could buy, cars, expensive paintings, a millionaire bachelor pad in the city and a beautiful house in the country and a whole host of attractive admirers. He had everything. Except something was missing. Something he had longed for his whole life but never really had… his father. Dr Simon Parker had been absent for most of his son’s life; working in a poor remote Colombian village as a Doctor/midwife. It was here that he had met and married Richard’s mother Marianna.

She was a nurse at the small hospital at the time but when she fell pregnant with Richard they left for England. But soon Simon felt disillusioned with his new life and the desire to return to Colombia and the village he loved grew stronger every day. “Just a few weeks” he would say kissing his wife and new son. Weeks turned into months. Months into years with only the occasional visit back home. Marianna grew accustomed to this but their son grew increasingly resentful and dismissive.
In the early years, when Richard was a small boy, his father would send him gifts and letters. Richard adored his father then and would be thrilled to hear any news from him let alone a gift. He was proud of his father being a doctor in some far away land. But Richard slowly became disinterested as he grew into a young man and many of the gifts were left unopened in drawer. All except one- a very distinctive and attractive watch escribed with a simple message.

A sudden phone call from his mother and the unexpected arrival of his father upsets everything for Richard. His father is terminally ill and is coming home to die. Richard is torn between his business, his glamorous lifestyle and the expectation to care for his father. A long upsetting bedside vigil and an impromptu promise made to his father in the middle of the night later results in a remarkable and dangerous journey for an extremely reluctant and unprepared Richard. A journey of discovery that leaves Richard questioning not only himself but his job and his past relationship with his father.